$299Premium Silver Gift Pack – Top 5 Talent Discovery Report
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Premium Silver Gift Pack – Top 5 Talent Discovery Report



Inside the Gift Pack: Welcome letter Personalized greetings…

Inside the Gift Pack:

Welcome letter

  • Personalized greetings and note from you – the sender
  • Package contents and instructions on using the gift pack
  • Access code for their personalized talents discovery report
  • Key details and information to begin the coaching journey

*Option for sender to receive a copy of the welcome letter

Talents discovery report

The recipient of the gift will receive a CliftonStrengths report, which is a highly regarded and scientifically researched developmental tool, with its roots in positive psychology. This report is derived via a web-based assessment, and it measures the presence of 34 talents, i.e., their natural patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving, and ranks them in order of their presence.

This report will be used during the coaching session to establish their dominant talents and build on it along with other signature coaching tools to achieve their specific goals.

Initial 30-min discovery session

This session is an icebreaker call for them to feel comfortable with the coach and share their challenges, goals and ambitions in a safe space. The flow of the call will be something like this:


  • 30 mins video call
  • Getting to know the coach – perfect chance to clear any doubts or queries
  • Brief discussion on the recipient’s background and the challenges they face at present
  • Suggested coaching approach to address their specific needs
  • Goal setting for specific issues with recommendation and blocking coaching date

In-dept 90min personal coaching session

This is the call where the real work starts and the transformation takes place using a guided approach and best in class tools and techniques. After the 90min session, they have an option to continue implementing what they learned and gained on their own, or continue the sessions with the coach for maintenance or deeper work.

Get Inspired Audio

A mini audio recording with inspirational reminders to boost self-esteem, get motivated and stay on track to reach their goals.

Instant Clarity Journal

Simple, handy and extremely powerful worksheet to help you decipher and come out of any life-maze situation that they may be stuck in.



3 months from date of purchase.


3 months from date of purchase


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