The REAL reason why relationships suffer and how to avoid it!

So here we are! Already in the month of February – a month dedicated to love 💕 Since the pandemic hit the world last year, many people had to spend weeks or months away from their families and loved ones. But there were also those who had the unexpected opportunity to stay together. During this time, we heard stories of couples and families that came out stronger than ever before, and also those who struggled to keep up with the sudden changes – even causing many relationships to be on a brink of separation.

So what was missing?

Well, the reasons could be varied. But what is important now is to focus on the root of this. Some might argue that Valentine’s Day is nothing but commercial attempt to dig a hole in our pockets, while some still like to take this opportunity to do something special for their loved ones. So let us also take this opportunity to fix the root by giving love to the person we often end up neglecting… but is the most deserving of our love, care and attention! Who is that person? – That person is YOU my friend.

So why not begin the month of February by loving yourself first.

Valentines Day Couples

Here are 3 things you can start with if you’re falling out of love with yourself:

  • Engage in regular life clean-up! Do not spend your precious energy on activities and conversations that make you feel unworthy.
  • Keep a running list of things that you’re most proud about yourself and place it where you can easily access it.
  • Commit 1hr a day for a self-love ritual of your choice, i.e., your me-time activity. This is very important for you to revive and reset.

When your cup is full… you will be able to give more and suffer less. There will also be less of searching and more of attracting love and positive opportunities in your life.

Done reading? Now start doing!

Keep loving… and keep growing.

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Payal Karnik

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