When Anger becomes the Hunger

When was the last time you were angry? Few weeks ago? Days ago? Hours…or just minutes? Whenever it may be, we certainly do fall prey to this undesired lower emotion. Here’s something for you to ponder upon…

What do you do when you’re hungry? You eat. What happens when you feed yourself? You get energy, you function and you thrive. What happens if you stop feeding yourself and don’t give attention? You probably might not survive.


What happens when you’re angry? You express, or perhaps suppress. Eitherways, you are giving it attention and essentially feeding it! By constantly feeding the anger, you give it energy to thrive and it influences the way you function. Once you stop giving attention or feeding the anger, it fades away.

The transformative way is to starve the anger and feed the goodness. This is how…

Observe: Observe your feelings and take notice of the situation. In the initial stages, it is completely normal if the observation only takes place after the outburst. Awareness builds with practice.

Discern: Do you like how it feels or are you just used to it? How you feel emotionally and mentally certainly does affect your performance, but it also has undesired impact on the physical wellbeing as suggested by psychosomatic medicine research, as well as bioplasmic body studies. So be kind to yourself and take care of your emotional and mental well-being. It is not ‘cool’ to experience less than optimal health and performance.

Understand: Understand that not every situation, external reaction or result is under your control. But you can control your viewpoint and influence it. In other words, everyone views situations from the lenses they wear and act on it based on their reality. How this information is received by others depends on the filter they carry, i.e., what they absorb and reject. Realizing and accepting this fuels the transmutation process.

Re-direct: Focus your attention and energy on what sustains your desired wellbeing and results.

It’s certainly a gradual process, but a definite solution. Even better, it can be used to tackle any other unwanted emotions or situations. A testimony of its application is a case of my client who was facing multiple health issues for years and experiencing excruciating headache for a month. The root cause being stress, worry and mild anxiety. Using this approach the constant headache went away just after our first coaching conversation and the overall health continues to improve significantly. How did that happen? Not by magic, but by feeding the right thoughts and emotions.

So the next time your anger becomes the hunger, feed the goodness instead!

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Payal Karnik

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