Who’s your Boss?

After an inspirational lunch conversation with a friend, she made a comment which is not uncommon. She said, “Payal, all this is great but isn’t it just a fancy theory? It’s easy to understand but making it work is a different story altogether.”

Sounds familiar?

While I agree that transformation is a process, I also believe that with consistent investment, the result is guaranteed (yes, I mean it). Take a moment to ponder…

Is this limiting thought our truth or a mass belief system?

Are these limitations facts or perceived barriers appearing real?

What are you programming your brain to believe? It’s a tool that is in your control…direct it the way you want.

And lastly, whom do you want to be in charge of your reality? The belief of the masses or your burning need to bring about that shift?

There’s nothing (except you) that can stop you from achieving your success once you have made the determination with consistent action.

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Payal Karnik

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