Tackling Performance Roadblocks

Judging others is often spoken about. But have we given a thought about how often do we judge ourselves?

It is disheartening for me to hear the most capable youth, employees and even leaders collapsing because they feel they have hit the roadblock. Some choose to suffer in silence, while others look for an escape.

Pause at this very moment, and think

Are we not judging our capabilities? Are we not limiting our potential?

Yes, the situation might paint a different story. But are you not capable of re-designing it?

I am a firm believer that we will never face a situation that we are not capable of transforming. The question is, do we want to?

If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? When you are feeling incapable, even if you don’t say it…

Your body language shows it

Your expressions shout it

The tone of your voice screams it

And your words spill it.

Most likely, you will receive a dissatisfactory response or result. This needs to change.

It is not about creating a false image or having false hope. But it is about believing in your capability and turning it into action. Try this…

  1. Accept and detach. Accept what is, but let go the pain. It is now the past.
  2. Experience being. Observe the present moment without judgement.
  3. Recollect your last achievement or positive moment.
  4. Feel it as if it is happening right now.
  5. Note down your traits that got you there.
  6. Apply those traits in the present situation.
  7. Review and assess.

If need be, re-strategize and implement.

Doing this will clear away most of the fog and give substantial clarity. Roadblocks are a way of telling you that something that we are doing is not working. It is an opportunity for a desired change. You may even need to discard some of the old ways that do not serve you in the present situation and adopt new ways with a clear mind.

It is true that the current situation is a result of our past actions, but it is also true that we are in charge of our present actions and subsequent results. So, when people say – this is destiny, I say, “Destiny meets you halfway for you to create one.”

What do you wish to create?

If this a situation you, your team or someone you know is facing right now, feel free to drop me a note and I will be happy to share additional techniques to suit that situation.

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Payal Karnik

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