Not getting what you deserve? Try this

How often do we see people cribbing, complaining or feeling disappointed in a workplace for not receiving their due recognition, the desired compensation or an ideal situation? Do we also slip into this downer mode sometimes?

~ If you have a great job role, but a mediocre package….be grateful for the learning that comes with that role.

~ If you have a great package, but ineffective colleagues…be grateful for the financial security.

~ If you have a supportive boss, but unfavorable work environment…be grateful for having a mentor at work.

And if you have none of the above…be grateful that you could recognize that and work towards fueling your desired situation.

Turn to the brighter side in every step, every situation for the next few weeks….and observe the changes in your mindset > your attitude > your behavior > and finally your results over time. I would be more than happy to hear about it 🙂

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Payal Karnik

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