Now, that’s the time for a COOKIE!

Few weeks ago I wrote about how we can raise our thinking from lower to higher vibration and feel good every moment. Not surprisingly what followed was…

‘What about other people who just don’t want to change?’

You are all pepped-up and ready to make things happen, but what about the unwilling people in your surroundings?

Notice what happens – Our entire focus turns to these people and the possible things that can go wrong. We already program our mind to believe it and subconsciously look for that evidence.

People are fascinating. They are complex, they are intriguing, and they have all the solutions when nudged in the right direction. While there isn’t a cookie cutter approach when dealing with humans, we can definitely give them a COOKIE itself. Here’s how…

Recipe for a great COOKIE:

C – converse: Conversations are necessary, but what matters more is the attitude we walk in with. Approach, not to confront but to understand their perspective.

O – observe their story: Provide a safe space for them to open up and have a non-judgemental attitude. This is crucial, as we humans are so habituated to judge. But it’s possible.

O – organize the information: Make sense of it with the previously adopted non-judgemental mindset and clarify by asking questions. Most people operate from an underlying fear or worry that needs to be addressed.

K – know your focus: Direct the conversation based on the information gathered.

I – involve their ideas: People are more engaged and produce better results when directly involved in the planning process – especially when brining their own ideas and solutions to life.

E – execute the plan: Come to an agreement of next steps with SMART goals and necessary resources/support to make it work.

Giving a COOKIE will surely bring a certain amount of sweetness and fulfilment in the way you interact going forward. So, keep the concern aside and enjoy the COOKIE 🙂

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Payal Karnik

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