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The ‘Hush-Hush’

We have made great progress in terms of talking about mental and emotional health openly and also as a need than taboo. Yet there are matters which people are shy to discuss or unsure whom to approach. Let me ease the burden for you by simplifying the search process.

This section covers all that you did not want to openly talk about or did not know if you can or should even get any help. That and all the miscellaneous.

Changes they experience:

  • Achieve health improvements especially related to stress and fatigue.
  • Gain emotional stability and thought clarity for better decision making.
  • Increased confidence and vitality.
  • Break out of the repeated blocking patterns.
  • Step into personal power to make choices & take actions that were long due.

Some of the common needs people reach out to me for include:

  • Emotional regulation for fear, stress and anger that impacts your work, health, wellbeing and relationships.
  • Improved interpersonal relationships at work.
  • Emotional health and wellness to support treatment of physical ailments.
  • Managing drastic life changes and major life events like expat spouses dealing with change, sudden loss of power or self control, etc
  • Direction & support for your career move: job change, role change or business transition.
  • Unable to conceive despite healthy medical reports causing strained relationship (yes, many have reached me for this and we can definitely work on it at the emotional level)
  • Increasing self love and valuing self without being a snob!
  • Realize and improve self-worth at work and in personal life.


What is the general age group that you work with for the issues mentioned above?

I have worked with male & female clients aged 19 – 40, and in some cases up to 60.

What is the profile of your clients?

Individuals from all backgrounds who are ready and willing to make the positive shift.

There is something I need to ask you directly, how can I reach you?

Sure, feel free to fill in this contact form and I will personally respond to you within 48hrs.

This seems more like therapy than coaching, does this bring up and heal past traumas?

Deep and sensitive emotional discussion could trigger and bring up related past matters for some. Although this is not therapy or regression, the signature questioning technique I use has been beneficial for them to release deep suppression and have more peace and joy.

Do you also offer solutions to improve physical health?

Just like how body issues trigger certain emotions, lower emotions also affect body health and performance. My clients have observed a certain degree of physical health improvements for minor ailments like headaches and backaches after the coaching sessions alone. In addition, I also work with a team of experts who provide in-depth physical health and nutrition-related solutions if the need arises.

You almost seem like a medical doctor or psychiatrist. Can I just see you instead?

I am not a certified medical professional, nor a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist. I will never recommend that you skip your medical checks or other ongoing therapies. Although I provide support for certain ailments and many have benefited from it, there are limitations to who I can work with. Feel free to drop me a note and I will be happy to advice the right approach.

Alright, let’s do this! I want to get on board asap, what do I do next?

You have no clue how excited we are to have you on board! This must have been a huge step for you. You can start by booking your free 30min discovery call with me right here.

Success stories that inspire

The Transformation is Real !!!


Maze to Amaze

Recently I had the pleasure of having a coaching session with Payal. She guided me in using my strengths to enhance my soft competencies at the workplace. Payal impressed me with her deep knowledge and intrinsic aptitude for coaching through her insightful style. I am positive she will continue to guide many more lives via her future endeavors.
Kiran Deshpande

Regional Program Director – APAC & North Asia

From the first contact, I immediately felt a good vibe which resonated throughout the entire process. Payal helped me to define my strengths and use them in the pursuit of a finding a new professional challenge. Thanks to her, I am more aware how I can capitalise on these strengths in my day-to-day job and the challenges that come with it. Highly recommend her and her style of coaching!
Anthony Van Eeckhout

Human Resources Manager

I had 4 coaching sessions with Payal. We looked at addressing resistance from the past, clarifying my goals and owning my strengths. Her way of relating to people really allowed me to open up at both the practical and emotional level and uncover deeper insights about myself. She was able to call my attention to blind spots and help me process resistance which I did not know was affecting me to such a large extent.
Emma Lim

Legal, Semi-Govt, Non-profit

Payal was my first career coach and a godsend! She is energetic, breaks things down easily, easy-going and caring. She also is fairly knowledgeable and can provide useful insights from a corporate/management/culture side of things. Would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to build on their strengths individually and within and organisation with clarity, positivity and a long-term growth mindset.

Businesswoman, Singapore’s largest conglomerate

Payal is a very dynamic personal achievement expert with deep technical know-how but also a strong understanding of the human mind. She enjoys learning new things and is quick to apply practical knowledge where most useful.
Nader Sabry

CEO – Founder

Payal created a huge difference in my life at a very crucial juncture. Confusions were the source of all miseries in the past 8-9 months. I could only feel more gratified when I realized that the internal battles were finally over and the directions had been clearly laid out. Every little achievement from now stems from the strong seeds of foundation sown by Payal. Thanks for instilling so much sense and wisdom and making me a better person.
Pravin Madheshwaran

Business Operations Associate

“Payal is an excellent example of a person whose professional and personal interests are the same. Instead of working on weaknesses, she concentrates on the strengths to overcome our weaknesses. I had the opportunity to sit with her for a coaching session, and she definitely showed the bright light.”
Mrugesh Kulkarni

Cluster General Manager

I have taken the strengths coaching session with Payal. The 1h session was quite ground-breaking for me, as I discovered sides in me I didn't realize I had and sides in me I didn't realize were real strengths. I’m very happy to have to rethink my own personal strategies for the future and to reach my goals staying true to myself, my nature and my gifts.
Loic L

Sales Manager

Payal has an incredible quality of connecting with you right away. She has managed to help me with stress management and general wellness in a fun, educative and easy-going manner. Highly recommend her for her capabilities as a life coach and her unique blended style of coaching.

Marketing Consultant

“Just a simple hour-long session and Payal managed to help me tackle a huge hurdle that has been hindering my progression. She is resourceful and delivers clear direction based on each individual's strength profiles. Her dedication and willingness to make a difference in other people's life is admirable.”
Nelson Lim

Fund Accountant

I was job hopping for the longest time because of job dissatisfaction. I was lost and didn't know what I want in my career. Payal helped me realize the person I really am, which led me into a direction out of the maze I was in. She also gives very objective and useful insights on how we can leverage on our strengths. Thank you Payal, for helping me find the way.
Geraldine Chan

Learning and Development Executive

Payal always maps my profile well with real life situations and helps me focus my strengths in the right direction to come out of any negative situation I undergo. She continuously follows up between sessions to make sure I am using my learning effectively and am on the right track. Thanks, Payal for helping me through my downtimes.
Siva G

Software Development Engineer

“Payal helped me analyze the source of conflicts I encountered at work and taught me how to overcome challenges. I was very much impressed by Payal's professionalism in coaching with a personal touch, and I believe it could benefit many others.”
Yoanna Zhao

Management Consultant

True justice to the name. This is the one place where I could find solutions for all my problems, got to know myself better and free from all negativity.
Karishma Seetharaman

Graduating College Student

Thanks for your guidance on my career path. You gave me the knowledge and the confidence to advance in my career. I would highly recommend Payal to anyone at any stage of their career.
Karthik Saran

Credit Analyst

Happy Clients
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